Absorption Minibar Pure

The Omnitec PURE absorption minibar for hotel & hospitality combines a modern and elegant interior design with advanced technology components such as an oversized diffuser and a smart thermostat which cannot be adjusted by the guest, among other features.

Minibar general characteristics

  • Technology: absorption, with oversized diffuser.
  • Voltage: 220-240V (110V optional).
  • Power: 53 W.
  • Energy Efficiency: D.

Minibar standard featuresMinibar standard features

  • Auto-defrost.
  • Oversized diffuser.
  • Microprocessor controlled thermostat.
  • Additional hinge for left opening.
  • Electronic interior LED.
  • Trays and racks adjustable in height and depth, maximum use of the minibar.
  • Higher isolation, reduces consumption and increase its cooling power.

Minibar specific project options

  • Lock on the minibar door.
  • Casters.
  • Fixed light door opening indicator.
  • Different Colors available.
  • Sliding guide.
  • Glass door with bottle rack. Personalization optional. (not available in EU countries).

Minibar dimensions

Volume Dimensions HxWxD Consumption
30 litres 525 x 385 x 430 0,68Kw/24h
40 litres 543 x 435 x 453 0,68Kw/24h

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Absorption minibar that features the highest technical specifications and technologies for hotels that demand a top of the range minibar


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