Electronic Lock Lyra

Vanguard in Electronic Lock

Minimalist design, high technology, simplicity of use and comfort combined in a high performance electronic lock for hotels.

The Lyra electronic lock stands out for its minimalist and customisable exterior design. The electronics, batteries and privacy knob are located in the interior of the room for greater comfort and simplified maintenance.


  • Guest opening via Bluetooth, with the Active Key application and MiFare 13.56 MHz proximity card.
  • Mechanical privacy knob.
  • Minimalist and customisable exterior design: customisable cylinder cover and reader design; can install any rotating fixed handle on the market.
  • NFC configuration and management of the lock with the App Active Task.
  • Visual and sound indicators for use by disabled people, as well as low battery warnings for staff, and privacy indicator, for example.
  • Non-volatile memory to record up to 5,000 events, e.g. openings, opening attempts or exits. Equipped with a clock in real time to facilitate access management by staff or guests.
  • Powered by 4 AAA alkaline batteries, housed on the inside of the door to simplify maintenance.
  • DIN mechanical mortice lock with stainless steel mechanisms and narrow profile, fitted to hinged doors. ANSI mechanics as an option.
  • Concealed mechanical cylinder lock for recorded emergency openings.

BLE (bluethooth low energy)

As an alternative for all those guests who do not have NFC on their Smartphone, ACTIVA also allows the LYRA electronic hotel lock to be openend via BLE.

BLE provides security, simplicity and very low consumption, and is additional interconnectivity for the Activa system.


Omnitec locks use the MIFARE (13.56 Mhz) identification system, the most widely-used, and at the same time, the most secure technology, allowing very simple and quick integration with other market applications.
The medium on which the access credential is held can have multiple formats, and always adapted to the needs of the hotel: cards, key holders, bracelets, all-inclusive bracelets, etc. These can all be carried openly and don’t confine the user, which finally translates into significant cost savings.

WIRELESS (IEEE 802.15.4 – 2,4 Ghz)

An internal wireless network in the hotel, secure and inaccessible to third parties, among other options, allows real-time monitoring of entries, checking of the battery status and management of the permissions held by the different users.
Incorporates IEEE 802.15.4 – 2.4 GHz wireless technology for wireless online functionalities and OTA (Over The Air) updating of the product.

Opening & Management

The ACTIVA management system and the LYRA electronic hotel lock have two functional APPs which make it possible to obtain maximum performance from the installation, both for the hotel and for the guest. These two APPs differ, depending on the user: for the guest, the ACTIVA KEY APP is available, and for the hotel and its employees, the ACTIVA TASKS APP.



Lyra is the latest Activa electronic lock model included in the OMNITEC range. Design, technology, operability and functionality all come together in Lyra. Equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and proximity MiFare technology, Lyra increases control and access management to maximum levels of security and comfort.


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