Safe Supra


Supra facilitates management of the in-room hotel safe, offering high performance to satisfy demanding guests

Modern and elegant, the Supra safe stands out for its rubber backlit keypad in blue to facilitate its operation, whatever the room lighting may be. Comfortable and secure for the guest and operable for the hotel, it combines everything necessary for very demanding hotels.

Dimensions (width-height-depth)

Safe standard features

  • Backlit rubber keypad and LED display in blue see color.
  • Motorized opening and closing.
  • .Audit trail on display, by printer or with control unit for the last 100 openings and 100 closings
  • Emergency opening with:
    • Control unit with Bi-Code function which increases security. The control powers the mechanism in the event that the batteries are exhausted.
    • Master code
    • Mechanical key
  • Acoustic and visual signals to facilitate operation for persons with visual or hearing disabilities.
  • Low consumption LED interior lighting
  • Door with opening spring

Safe optional accessories

  • Rental activation lock
  • Multizone socket base in interior
  • Electrical power, avoids the use of batteries and minimizes maintenance

Safe specific project options

  • Opening with card, Supra-Card model
  • 110º wide opening hinge to introduce belongings without risk of damaging them
  • Left opening door
  • Change of dimensions
  • Change of colour, RAL chart


The Omnitec Supra safe is the appropriate model for hotels and companies that seek a high range safe, fully configurable and simply managed on display or with auxiliary control unit.


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